2 Minute Marketing Tip for Facebook

2 MinuteMarketing Tip for Facebook from Just a Small Town GirlDid you know that there’s an easy way to get a few more “Likes” for your Facebook page without having to purchase an ad?  All of my clients use this marketing tip for Facebook which works like crazy so I wanted to share it with you.

Marketing Tip for Facebook without Spending a Dime

When a few people have “liked” one of your posts you’ll notice that their names are listed as well as “X amount of others.”

When you click on “others” it brings up a list of everyone who has liked your post.  It also lets you know if a person has already liked your page or can be invited to like your page.  If you want to invite that person to like your page, just click on the “Invite” box and an invitation is sent.

Check out the video below for a quick tutorial and one other tip, then you’ll be on your way getting a few more likes each week ~ a wonderful marketing tool for those with a small marketing budget!  If you’d like to see other 2 Minute Marketing Tip videos you can find them on my YouTube channel and if you’d like to explore Working Together just click here.


The Silent Community Killer

Have you noticed your community shrinking, dying off, disappearing?  There’s a silent killer out there, lurking, just waiting to “do in” your community.  For many, it’s been lurking around for Complacency - The Silent Community Killerseveral years, you never saw it coming as you were too busy just trying to keep your head above water. “What is it?” you ask.  Well, here’s your answer – it’s complacency.

Two communities, same result

It doesn’t matter whether we’re talking about a physical community, your business community, or your online community.  Recently I did a webinar for the Travel Industry Association of Kansas regarding “how to engage your community.”  Last week I started working with a new small business client who needs the same thing – community engagement.  That’s such a big part of marketing, but over the past few years people have allowed it to fall to the back of their marketing strategy.  When you allow complacency to take hold, when you take things for granted, your community starts to die off, little by little.

Here’s a reason why, but it’s not an excuse

There’s a reason why complacency has infiltrated communities over the past few years.  Now, let me be clear, if you use this reason as an excuse you’ll stay stuck in the same place you are now and your community will continue to shrink.  But if you use this reason as a “light bulb moment” then you can immediately start taking action to turn around the complacency. The past few years the economy has not been kind to communities and businesses.  We’ve all had to hunker down, work harder than ever, just to keep our businesses open.  We’ve been doing all that we can to find new, innovative ways to keep our businesses and our communities in front of people.  But while we’ve been spending time with things like social media, we’ve really stopped being social.  Think about that for a minute.  We’ve been so busy trying to engage our community online that we’ve really stopped engaging in real life.  Social media has been a gift, but by putting so much time and effort into it (and yes, we have had to do that to stay competitive), we’ve chosen to ignored the social part. We became complacent about being truly social.

One action, big results

How do you cure complacency?  Get out there; see your community members, your business clients, face-to-face.   Engage with them in real life.  Talk to them, ask them about them, tell them where your community, your business is heading.  Get them on the same page as you.  You can’t be successful without them.

It was a surprise to my small business client when suddenly she noticed a competitor “infiltrating” a key part of her business.  The competitor was out in the community, taking her clients to lunch, offering workshops and other “in person” activities to engage with her clients.  She had become complacent, but luckily she recognized this and immediately began a strategy to turn it around.

It doesn’t matter if you’re a small business or a city, town or destination.  If you don’t interact with your community face-to-face, if you take things for granted and you don’t engage them, you can rest assured that this complacency will kill your community.  It’s an easy fix though and one you can start taking care of right away.  And you know what?  Not only will you enjoy your time out and about with community members, your business will become stronger and more profitable in the long run too!

For those who are looking to engage your physical community, be sure to download my Community Engagement Checklist! This checklist provides 26 things you can be doing right now to engage and strengthen your community.

2 Minute Marketing Tip for Twitter

Twitter Tip from Just a Small Town Girl

Here’s another 2 minute marketing tip this time focusing on Twitter.

If you REALLY want to connect with your new Twitter followers this tip will help!

This is exactly what I do with as many of my new followers as I can….

Build a quality Twitter community

Before we get to the Twitter tip though, you need to remember that you don’t need to automatically follow everyone who follows you.  YOUR marketing should be all about building a quality community.  Not about how many followers you have.

Take a minute and look at your followers page and see if they’re a good fit for your online community.  If they are, immediately, right when you follow them back, put them on a list so you can have easy access to them when you need to in the future.

Now, here’s the Twitter tip…

If you decide to follow back someone who has followed you, read several of their recent tweets. If they’ve tweeted out something you like, retweet them.  That puts you on their Twitter radar right from the start and you begin to build a relationship.

It just takes a minute, and this Twitter tip is a win for everyone as it helps you have content for your posts, and you and your new follower actually can start to bond a bit.

What’s your favorite Twitter tip?  If you would like more tips like this please check out my social media sites as well as here at justasmalltowngirl.us.

Coaching Online to Maximize Your Time

Podcast card

The Missing Link for Coaches Interview with Keith Keller

By offering Coaching online you can not only maximize your time, but you can also grow your business exponentially.  Recently Keith Keller, host of The Global Spotlight Podcast, and I spent some time discussing the changing landscape of Coaching and how coaches need not be afraid of technology.  By embracing new ways to coach, like Google Hangouts, Skype, Podcasts, etc., coaches no longer need to be tied to their geographical boundaries.

Coaching via YOUR story

Below you will find the links to my two-part podcast conversation with Keith.  You’ll hear a bit of my story and how I handle the Coaching side of my business.  Please remember, it’s your own individual story that makes you a good coach.  My Coaching resonates with those who choose to work with me because I am in the trenches, just like my clients, and I’ve been through what they’re currently experiencing.  Coaching is sharing.  Period.  It’s sharing the ways you know how to be more successful.  It’s sharing the pros, cons, tips, tricks and passion with your clients to keep them moving forward and becoming more successful.

Coaching in person – either online or physically

It doesn’t matter what type of Coaching you’re doing, everyone loves face to face.  Coaches need to embrace the fact that “in person” doesn’t always mean “in real life.”  Face to face now includes meeting via Google Hangouts or Skype “in real time.” That is what matters.

I do have a free download on How to Connect YOUR Community via Google Hangouts that you can access hereOnline Coaching via Google HangoutsThis download walks through how to use Google Hangouts as a marketing tool to connect with your community as well as how to physically use this online tool.  There is no reason to be intimidated by this technology; instead you have every reason to be excited, get comfortable with “hanging out,” and using Google Hangouts to grow your community.

So take a listen to the podcast, enjoy the download and start growing your business by coaching online!  If you have any questions or comments please connect with me!

The Global Spotlight Podcast – Part 1

The Global Spotlight Podcast – Part 2

Just a Small Town Girl - The Missing Link for Coaches

How Not to Stress over Social Media Posts

Daily social media posts for your clients or yourself – yes, they can be a headache for many.  People mention regularly to me how “difficult” it is to have something relevant to post on an ongoing basis.  There’s an easy way to handle client social media posts (for any type of business) and you’ll hear how in this Just a Small Town Girl 2 Minute Marketing Tip.

On another note, how do you like new The Rainmaker Platform (this is my affiliate link, right click so you don’t leave this post) website for Just a Small Town Girl? Let me know what you think!  I think it’s super and will allow me to do so much more than I’ve done in the past, you’ll see why when you check them out!)

Why I Write

Becky McCray, good friend as well as a founding partner of Tourism Currents (of which I am a part) wrote this in an email ~

“Back in the day, a blog meme or a blog hop was a way of connecting different writers together to each offer their own take on a single topic, each on their own blog.”  Becky McCray

Des Walsh from Australia tagged Becky in a blog hop with the theme “Why I Write.”  She has since written her answer here and has listed others who have participated. She then tagged me along with Jon Swanson and Linda Crimm, aka Miss Dazey, to share . I’d never heard of this concept and I’ve never really thought much about “the why.”

Wow –  it’s simple why I write

Why I write
My mom Jean, gave me the writing gene!

I took a couple of days to ponder why exactly I write and it’s not a deep, introspective answer as you’ll see, but it is the truth.  As Becky pointed out in her initial email, I rarely get to write for myself as I’m always writing for others.  But so much of that is why I write.  I love being able to give a voice to those who have trouble writing about what they’re doing.   Writing has always come easy to me.  My mom was a successful radio advertising copy writer in the 1950’s.  She gave that up to raise our family.  She instilled her love of writing in me.  So many can’t express themselves via the written word, and I’m happy to do that for them.

Mr. Livingston, my 4th grade teacher encouraged my writing and creativity.  He understood that I had to write things down because if I didn’t I wouldn’t be able to express myself well.   There were just too many thoughts going through my head at any given time and I couldn’t spit them all out.  By junior high it was a done deal. I knew I was going to be a writer, I just never thought that tourism, destination marketing and small business would be the focus of my writing.  I thought I was going to write Harlequin romance novels – but that’s another story.

Math makes me cry, writing makes me happy

Another reason why I write – well, I’m terrible at math!  It goes back to writing being easy, and I took the easy road.  A road that makes me happy.   Happiness, that’s really why I write.  I make people happy by writing for them and that makes me happy.  I’ve been accused many times of being happy all the time.  Well, when you do what you love, how can you not be?

Now I’m tagging the following 3 people to enlighten us, keep this blog hop hopping, and let us know why they write:

Joe Cheray who can be found at http://wildheartsocialmedia.com/

Jane Boyd who is the founder of 45 Conversations

Paul O’Mahoney who is a brand sociologist and CEO of Change Agents